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Welcome to Foshan Huafukang Medical Technology Co.,Ltd.

Tel:  + 86 757 85438025
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Gifts for the Asian Paralympic Games Guangzhou City's barrier-free electronic maps put into use

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On the occasion of the opening of the Asian Paralympic Games, Guangzhou's barrier-free electronic map was officially put into use today (30th), and disabled friends can check the accessibility informa
On the occasion of the opening of the Asian Paralympic Games, Guangzhou's barrier-free electronic map was officially put into use today (30th), and disabled friends can check the accessibility information of Guangzhou City by surfing the Internet, sending text messages or dialing number 96931. Convenient for travel. It is reported that the establishment of Guangzhou's barrier-free electronic map is the first in the country.
Accessible electronic map is a map search service that integrates network and SMS functions. It can provide location information (for traffic, travel and destination accessibility before travel), travel and other services for disabled people. On the accessible electronic map platform, disabled friends can check the barrier-free infrastructure of most government agencies, shopping malls, restaurants, banks and other geographical locations in Guangzhou. You can also find all the restaurants, schools, banks, etc. Accessibility infrastructure such as parks. Guangzhou's barrier-free electronic map also provides a wealth of public exchange, driving navigation query function, while providing accessibility bus information and barrier-free construction of various subway stations, providing the most suitable route planning for disabled friends, so that disabled friends Not only know where you are looking for, but you also know how to get there.
The Guangzhou Disabled Persons' Federation and other relevant departments have also compiled and published the “Guangzhou City Accessibility Travel Guide” based on a large number of Guangzhou city barrier-free field survey data. The guide includes tourist attractions, hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, shopping, cultural entertainment, post office, communication, public toilets, banks, hospitals, pharmacies, passenger stations, barrier-free public transport, subway accessibility, disabled organizations, etc. The information content of the obstacles is written in a sub-region, providing content such as barrier-free gates, elevators, restrooms, parking lots, rooms and room numbers, etc., to facilitate the travel of disabled friends.
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