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Welcome to Foshan Huafukang Medical Technology Co.,Ltd.

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Development history of wheelchairs

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China's oldest wheelchair record, archaeologists in about 1600 BC in a stone coffin portrait, found patterns of the wheelchair.
China's oldest wheelchair record, archaeologists in about 1600 BC in a stone coffin portrait, found patterns of the wheelchair.
Is first recorded in Europe in medieval times the wheel Barrow (others forward, closer to the contemporary care type wheelchair)
Recognized around the world in the history of the wheelchair, the earliest records of Chinese southern and Northern dynasties (525) sarcophagus carved with a wheel chair is also the predecessor of the modern wheelchair. (Bottom left photo)
In 16th century, the Renaissance, Spain King Philip Pu Ershi who suffered a stroke while boarding a wooden wheelchair.
About in the 18th century, appeared close to the modern design of the wheelchair. Consists of two large wooden front and back a single small wheel, the Middle match consisting of a chair with armrests.
United States civil war there the rattan, lightweight wheelchairs, with the metal wheels.
After the first world war, United States provided injury using a wheelchair, weighing about 50 pounds. United Kingdom developed hand-driven three-wheeled wheelchairs, shortly after adding power-driven device.
In 1932, a young woman named Hebert Everest (hebote e) paraplegic persons with disabilities with his friend Harry Jennings (Henry j) invented the first modern folding wheelchair, and founded E&J company.
E&J wheelchair frame formed by the aviation metal pipe, with canvas chairs.
Late World War II, United States began rationing wounded 18 inch chrome steel E&J wheelchair. There was no wheelchair dimensions required varies with the individual concepts.
After the second world war, United Kingdom Sir Ludwig Guttmann (s l Gutman) started the wheelchair sport as rehabilitation tools concept, obtained good results in his hospital. Excited by this, he was held in 1948 [British disabled veterans sports]. 1952 international competition.
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