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Welcome to Foshan Huafukang Medical Technology Co.,Ltd.

Tel:  + 86 757 85438025
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Daily cleaning of electric wheelchairs

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Electric wheelchair for our lives is a big change, electric wheelchairs manual wheelchair is based on superimposing high performance, intelligent power-driven control devices, batteries and other comp
Electric wheelchair for our lives is a big change, electric wheelchairs manual wheelchair is based on superimposing high performance, intelligent power-driven control devices, batteries and other components, upgrading of. Electric wheelchair daily cleaning work to be done.
Older vehicles, maintenance of electric wheelchairs:
1, usually with water, wipe the body, avoid placing the electric wheelchair in damp places and avoid knocking controller, especially rocker; when transporting electric wheelchairs, set strict protection controller, when the controller is food or drink contamination, please feel free to clean, use diluted cleaning solution of stained cloth, avoiding the use of mill or cleaning agents such as alcohol.
2, manual brake (safety devices): often to check if the hand brake is adjusted correctly. Should pay attention to when using the hand brake, wheels perfectly still, and all the screws and screw tightly.
3, Chair cover and back: diluted with warm water and SOAP and water to clean chairs peel back and avoid the wheelchair stored in a humid place.
4, lubrication and maintenance: always use lubricant to maintenance of wheelchairs, but do not use too much in order to avoid traces of oil into the floor. Always maintain general maintenance, check the bolts and screws are tight.
5, tires: often note that tire tire pressure is normal, this is the most basic movements.
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