Inflatable wheelchair cushion


2022-12-22 15:05

A smart textile system prevents stress ulcers in wheelchair users
The European research project PUMA (Pressure Ulcer Measurement and Drive), coordinated by the Institute of Biomechanics (IBV) technology, has developed an innovative portable and non-invasive device to prevent and early detect the risk of pressure ulcers (PU) developing and enable them to recover from attacks of quadriplegic spinal cord injury (T-SCI) in wheelchair-dependent individuals.

 Wheelchair cushion
Today, the cost of PU treatment saves the EU's public healthcare system 20 billion euros a year. While PU prognosis is excellent in the early, 95% preventable stages, current solutions are not effective because they rely on stress reduction rather than organizational vitality, do not consider user status, characteristics, and background, and do not optimally combine current strategies to prevent PU.
According to Ignacio Bermejo, Director of Innovation and Personal Autonomous Innovation at IBV, "The PUMA device has three separate systems that prevent PU because it detects and eliminates the risk of PU development, but proposes different strategies for the user."

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