Clean electric wheelchairs daily


2022-12-22 15:05

Electric wheelchairs are a great change to our life. Electric wheelchairs and manual wheelchairs are upgraded based on superimposed high performance, intelligent power drive control device, battery and other components. Electric wheelchair daily cleaning work to do.
Maintenance of older vehicles, electric wheelchairs:
1, usually wipe the body with water, avoid putting the electric wheelchair in a wet place, avoid knocking the controller, especially the rocker; When transporting electric wheelchairs, set up strict protective controllers. When the controllers are contaminated with food or drink, please feel free to clean them, use diluted stain cleaning solution, and avoid using cleaners such as grinders or alcohol.
2. Manual brake (safety device) : Always check whether the hand brake is adjusted correctly. When using the handbrake, note that the wheel is completely stationary and all screws and screws are tightened.
3, chair cover and back: Dilute with warm water and soap and water to clean the chair peel back, avoid storing the wheelchair in a wet place.
4, lubrication and maintenance: Always use lubricant to maintain the wheelchair, but do not use too much to avoid oil stains into the floor. Always maintain general maintenance and check that bolts and screws are tight.
5, tires: often pay attention to the tire pressure is normal, this is the most basic action.

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